What Are Lumenis Lasers?

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what are lumenis lasers

Lumeniscope, or “lumeni-conversion” as it is more commonly known in the medical world is a relatively new technology that uses an instrument to view through a small lens a thin slice of tissue in the cornea. Instead of using a ball of light, this instrument consists of a plastic disc placed inside a black sphere, which in turn sits on the cornea. The lens is shaped like a flattened football and a laser is placed onto this disc to focus its light upon the tissue. By adjusting the concentration of the laser and the power utilized, the surgeon can use this method to change the focus and/or alter the intensity of light which is reflected back from the eye.

This type of laser has been around for decades but it was until recently mostly used to perform cataract surgery. However, due to advances in technology, it is now commonly used to perform a variety of refractive surgeries such as LASIK eye surgery, PRK surgical excimer laser surgery, etc.

In addition to these amazing advancements, the instrument itself has also changed quite a bit over the years. As mentioned above, in the past surgeons would use a huge and cumbersome piece of equipment called a clear cube to collect the tissue in the cornea before doing any type of surgery.

Today, instead of using such a large and cumbersome machine, the doctors themselves utilize miniature versions of such that are almost as easy to use as a pair of eyeglasses – making them the perfect reason people are looking to buy and sell lumenis lasers.

Since lumenis lasers are so small, many physicians find that they can perform all of their operations without even bringing the piece of equipment into the room. This enables a much smaller team to take part in a specific surgery and greatly reduces the time involved in the process. In fact, many surgeons say that they often find themselves finishing a surgical procedure in a fraction of the time that it would take with traditional methods!

Of course, while lumenis lasers have made a huge difference in many surgical operations over the past few decades, they aren’t used just for refractive surgeries. Many doctors use them for cataract operations, corrective eye surgery, and many other forms of surgery as well. However, there’s one very unique use that they’re most commonly used for – treating Crohn’s disease. Although it’s not quite common, it does happen and this is because they’re so effective at helping to remove the ulcerated tissues that are a major part of the disease.

To explain, what are lumenis lasers used for is going to require a little bit of technical jargon, but if you’re interested in learning more about this aspect of what they do you can find plenty of information online. Basically, what happens is that the doctor who is performing the surgery will place the area that needs to be treated with the help of the lasers in a “lumenized chamber”. What happens is that the patient is required to wear special glasses or contact lenses in order to protect the tissue from being damaged. This special material will protect the tissue from the high heat of the lasers as well as the radiation that’s emitted from them.

In short, what happens is that through the special lenses and glasses the patient is protected from the harmful rays and radiation that the lasers emit, while still allowing the surgeon to treat the areas that need to be treated. It’s like the trade off between cutting out harmful tissue and also being able to see. You can purchase them from https://laser-tech.com.au.

In essence, the body doesn’t know the difference between the unprotected tissue and the damaged tissue, which is why lumen is so effective at removing the damaged parts. Also, the doctor has more visibility through the lenses and glasses, so the surgery doesn’t seem to take place as much. Overall, what are lumenis lasers used for boils down to making a real difference in the way that the surgery takes place.